Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Flowers

 I have to admit that spring is here.  I love seeing all the flowers blooming and when I filled the bird feeders it was intoxicating this magnolia is just full of flowers.  I may get to enjoy this  1 in 3 years as a rule frost usually gets it before it blooms or the rain and wind take away all the blossoms. 
Zeus decided he wanted to take a closer look and sniff.  The last picture are what I will call wild Daffodils
they were here before I came and bloom every year as long as I don't cut them down too soon.  I am not sure if the cows will eat them as they are on the pasture side  also.  They have spread more than usual. 
Hope everyone has been able to get out and enjoy this weather as we have an extra hour of daylight.

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  1. This spring is just crazy! Lilacs blooming in March? I bet the peonies are gone before Memorial Day. The apple tree is in FULL bloom, so I am praying we don't get a nasty frost. Are you getting settled in to your new home? I need to get caught up with everyone. Life is just stuck in high gear!