Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Moving Day

This is our entrance to our area
 These are a couple of the picture I took Sat. when we moved almost everything.  I will take some  of the shop tomorrow I believe I will be back in the store.  
I went to Purdue today to get a hearing test. I am investing in some new jewelry for my ears.

This weather make me want to plant some potatoes when we have the dark of the moon.  We are in a full moon tonight.  I like to plant by the moon if I can.  I know it is too early the ground has to be cold.
We have had several calves on the ground nice for them the sun is warm
Tomorrow we are scheduled to start cleaning out the barns it always make the  air smell good.
Hope you all get a chance to enjoy this beautiful weather.  Have a great week


  1. Beautiful! I think Mom and Dad always plant potatoes on Good Friday???? I'll have to check. Our ground doesn't like root veggies to much. May have to check on that too.