Friday, January 25, 2013


I put sunflower seed in the birdbath will turn it back over before it rains
 Just want to talk about my birds friendly ones and the hawk who wants to eat my birds for lunch.  I know that is the way nature works but I don't like to go out and see red feathers  he could at least pick a brown one.  I have been feeding for a long time many years so I have a large following of many different colored birds.  I have taken lots of pictures but the Nuthatch and the Chickadee are the fastest of them trying to take their picture is like catching a speeding train.
I feel we might have a early spring as the Finches are turning red and yellow.   I am glad we have had the zero temperature  maybe we will have less mosquitoes and insects that hover in your face.   Sometimes it was hard to have a conversation outside without waving your hand or your hat.
Stay warm and take care


This tree has a split down the middle and the REMC came and  trimmed off some of the weight lots of the birds fly that way when they leave the feeder.  There are crevices  for them to nest.

This is for all the people who are talking about receiving their seed catalogs

One of my favorite

Their water supply

Cooper Hawk

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