Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 I really like the birds in my yard and sometimes I worry about them if they are warm enough  if the winds blows real hard are they able to fly.  All kinds of things go through my brain.  These are 2 woodpeckers that have been visiting me a long time in fact years.    There seems to be something they hear or are bothered by in these pictures as they turn their heads.   I didn't see any hawks or a lot of other birds but they are on the look out for something.    Hope you get to enjoy the birds amazing how something that small can stay alive.  When we had the snow the birds were busy at the feeders now the weather broke and they can get out and get something else to eat.
This week the river was out of its banks and still is out.   In fact covered some of our fields with four feet of water.  There were about 30 geese moved in didn't take them long.  There is plenty of water to go around
 Stay warm, dry and well.

I had mentioned before about a young lady who had been fighting a battle with cancer her name was Leontien didn't know her well but she was in my prayers every day.  Leontien owned a dairy farm with her family  in Indiana.  She will be missed Gods love to her family and Happy Birthday to Leontien
Hairy woodpecker female  also have a male

Red Bellied woodpecker male


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  1. I can't believe the rivers are flowing out of their banks. We saw a lot of this on our way over to Leontien's funeral, just south of Bluffton, about as close to Ohio as we are to Illinois!

    On a happier note, I finally put feed in my feeder, and the little winged critters ate every seed! Now I need to get back out there and fill it up again. My little Juncos and red finches were finally starting to like me again!

    Take care and stay warm and dry these next few days.