Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rain Helicopters Salesman

What do these 3 things have in common They were part of my day yesterday.
We had more rain showers which is a good thing.
The helicopter that is what sprayed the corn crop yesterday. It flew over and over the farm until dark. It was amazing to watch the pilot land on a small platform that they pull around with the spray truck to reload with spray. We had waited several days for him to show you are on the waiting list. There are a lot of farmers using this in our area.
Last but not least it was 8:45 pm and I had a friendly salesman show up at my door. What was he selling a Kirby sweeper Well I already own one don't need more than one Kirby to clean my house. It does a good job but heavy good thing it has a drive petal
State Fair projects are due in the weekend I had better get everything tagged and ready to go.


  1. I wish the Kirby guy would just come by and sweep once a week! ;-)

  2. The Kirby guy came to my house once. Took him an hour to do one rug because it was so filthy. He asked me what kind of vacuum I had and I couldn't even find it. :)

  3. We got an 1 inch and three tenths of rain on the east side of Indy last night. and the kirby salesman was at my house a few weeks ago.