Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No Pictures Just talk

Today was a real busy day. We were gone for most of the day. We went to Purdue at Lafayette to the Master Farmers Program. Hubby is a Master Farmer and it is a privilege to be of that elite group of farmers. You can read all about it in this months Prairie Farmer Magazine.

Stopped by the Boone County Fair on the way home. Donnie and Tammy Lawson were cooking rib-eyes to serve in the Bee-Hive which is where they serve food. Homemakers serve the food was really nice set-up.
The steaks are cooked on a large grill behind the building.

We traveled 39 through Danville In. Went by Mayberry's Cafe so we had our supper there. It is a take off from The Andy Griffith Show and they have the police car parked at the curb outside the front door. The TV sets are playing Andy Griffith Show. Step back in time

Hope everyone had a good day.

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  1. How Fun! You were just one county away from me! Now I am hungry for Rib-eye sandwiches! Will watch for the story in the PF next issue.