Saturday, November 17, 2012

Meetings and Painting

 I have been spending time painting  and going to meetings for not having a regular employment I sure seem to get to attend more meeting than a person should have to. We had our annual fair board meeting and elected some new people and some old ones stayed on for a few more years.
   The picture below is from an extension board meeting where that honored Ted Everett and Kurt Everett as "Friends of Extension"  for their work with 4H and the livestock auction started back in the 1970's and he is still doing the auction for the 4H kids.  Hubby went to a land  sale tonight that Ted had and the sale brought in some where around 3,000,000.00 just had to show all the zero's   Most farmers and equipment owners  know Ted.  He has a big sale barn out on 39 passed Monrovia In  want a day of entertainment go out to see all that he sells no chickens or peacocks like some  places
Chris Parker     Kurt Everett   Ted Everett  Patty Dow
 Do you remember my Christmas trees from last year.  Time is flying by real fast,  next week is Thanksgiving and my trees go up and are lite that night.   The trees are in place now I got to get the reindeer out and make sure their lights are in order.  Then I think I would like to get my Christmas  tree up just something on my list.  This I need help with so I will get on someones schedule

Wishing everyone a happy and a safe holiday.  Until we meet again

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  1. Right back to you, and I hear you about all the meetings! Sheesh! I, too, am ready to get out the Christmas tree and listen to holiday music. Time to get with the season! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :-)