Thursday, November 8, 2012

Never Enough Time

I don't have any pictures from today's painting group but  the Extension Homemakers  painted a gourd this morning they had their Holiday program.  I believe it was enjoyed by all 24 of them.

After we left the Fairgrounds we went to Johnson County or maybe I should say Franklin to the Salvage Sister's Antique store just east of downtown on 44.  We also rent a space in that building and have  had a successful little booth. We wanted to spruce up and added some Christmas to our  booth as there is a Antique show at the Johnson County Fairgrounds as they visit there we get some lookers also.

This weekend has so many crafts fairs going on  there are some here in Martinsville,   There  is a Fiber Show in Bloomington at a church on 3rd Street  Sorry I don't have anymore than that. 

We are also going to have some great weather this weekend so I am planning on mowing my yard and leaves for the last time this year. 

It is close to Thanksgiving and it is time to put up my White Christmas Trees and my 3 reindeer.   I light them on Thanksgiving night.  I need to check the lights and make sure they are working.

Going to be busy for a while  until we meet again take care of yourself.  Stop and smell the roses they are blooming for the last time this year.

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  1. Sounds like you are keeping very busy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and keep on being creative :-)