Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bradford Woods

 Last weekend the 27 of October we did a show in Bradford Woods.  The weather was sunny and cool It  ran from 10 to 6 with 2 hours of trick or treat night. trails were  lite by candles and a lot of fun from all the children who come to visit.  We did a make it take it for the children and we sold out by 4 O'clock  Next year we will have more of the gourds and maybe do something different.  There was a report of 2600 people who come to visit  They didn't expect that many so we were all overwhelmed.  We also had rug hooking demonstrations  they keep a couple of people busy.  All in all IU should be proud of Bradford Woods and all they have to offer.  We will come back next year with another project for the children to work on.

On another subject  I am happy to say harvest of the crops finished yesterday.  Got some wheat in the ground this last week.   Now field work and fertilizing the fields for next year.  The cows are out back on the corn stalks and the pastures are still green enough for the cows to pick at the grass makes you think it is spring not going into winter.  Hope the persimmon is not a prediction of the weather since it is a spoon which is a sign of snow.  Enough for now.   Take care until next time 

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  1. If it will put moisture back in the ground, I will take snow. Does it mean a lt? The girls love it when we can make mountains in the barn lot :-)

    Great job with the HUGE turn out in the woods! Wish we had something like that for the girls. We finished Saturday with our custom work, so we had steak last night to celebrate!