Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coliseum Lights Out

 Last night I had the pleasure of joining several fair going folks to say Good Bye to the way we see the Coliseum now.  It was a call given by Cindy Hoye  for Lights Out.   These picture are of the Rodeo that was  the last event in the Coliseum that was attended by 5000 FFA members that were visiting this week for their National Convention.  There were approximately 55,000 in Indianapolis and surrounding towns.  It was a pleasure to have them in Indy and I hope they come back real soon.   I know the convention is going to Louisville but some day they will come back.
lights out

Cindy ask them to go left and right  Looks like a bunch of check marks

Cindy Hoye and Andre Lacy during the program

Andre had to take one last trip around the coliseum

Cheri Daniels and Cindy Hoye I bet they are planning which contest Cheri  will enter next year 

I am glad I was invited  to help say goodbye and I look forward to the opening of the renovated Coliseum in 2014.  "Light Out"

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  1. It won't be the same to have streets not filled with blue jackets on fall break! Hope FFA comes back to INDY ASAP!