Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall and Sunflowers

My son took this picture on the way to one of our fields   There are several tree that are beautiful  We are still working at harvesting corn  seems slow but we are moving right along.  Some field yields are a surprise.

I planted some sunflowers early this summer the biggest is 13 inches  I had one several years ago that was 19 inches and I entered it in the State Fair it got a second.  The one below was planted in August and they are trying to put on flowers but 3 days of cold temperature sure slowed them down.

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  1. I love sunflowers, but I'm always afraid of our winds out here blowing them down. How is town life going? I've thought about you and your move, but haven't had time to check in with you. My kingdom for a few more minutes and hours each day.