Sunday, December 2, 2012

What I'am I up too

 I almost forgot how to write a blog.  Been many places and always forget to take pictures just plain forget. This is one of my favorite dogs I adopted Zeus one year and 2 months ago.   He is a darling  had him to the groomers and he has on his Christmas scarf.  He will sit on one step and his feet on the other.  He weighs 170 pounds and he is 3 years old.
 I am recycling again  almost did it earlier but the leaves weren't raked up yet  I wait until the county rakes the leaves from the courthouse lawn and then I bring them home.  I have thought about leaving them in the bags all winter have never done that but I see other recyclers leave the bags in their yard all winter.  Any one who is reading this and has a suggestion please fire away I am open for some advise.  I use them in my garden or around my flowers.  Helps build the soil.

I did take them all
 And here we are to my favorite thing to paint are gourds.  I will be at the Indiana Farm Bureau State  Convention  in Indianapolis this coming week.  Will have a lot of gourds ready for someone to paint on.  Ever want to paint on a gourd this is your chance.  Paint your own snowman.  I need to get back to work at painting and getting ready for Christmas.  Tree is up and decorated will show on another day.  Take care until we meet again. 

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