Sunday, December 9, 2012

Farm Bureau Convention

 This weekend we spent a few days in Indy.  Nice place to visit   We stayed in the JW Marriott I really like the hotel we were on the 28th floor and the view at night was fantastic. 1st time I have stayed there the beds were comfortable the staff were very nice and the food was really good..  I was in the trade show with gourds and other painted items. 

 I  approached FB with an offer for  their members to do a make it-take it to paint a gourd snowman and some 63 ladies took them up on this painting lesson.  I have some who would like to do it again next year.  We will see how Farm Bureau feels about it.  A lot of farm shows in years past that I have attended did have activities for the ladies to enjoy.
I was glad I was able to meet some very crafty ladies.  Saw some I knew from the Beef Cattle Assoc. always nice to visit with old friends. Meet a lady who follows my blog surprised me.

Going to a class tomorrow night at out Library subject Face book   Looking forward to seeing what they have to say. 
It sure is wet outside and we got a good rain tonight I could hear it coming down  I guess this will help with our moisture level. 
 Some of my bulbs are poking through the soil hope they don't come to far up.
 The birds are getting feed when they need it  and I have suet cakes for my woodpeckers  I also hear them working on my persimmon trees.
I have now completed all my shows and  can clean my house for Christmas and start baking all kinds of sweet things. We give some away to our landlords and friends.  Love this part of Christmas  time to smell the pine trees.  Until I find more time to blog take care.

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  1. Miss Ann, Your craft table was busy every time I went by! YOU ROCKED IT! Loved the JW too, and hey! WE were on the 28th floor too! How did we miss each other up there. Great job and beautiful snowmen.