Friday, September 2, 2011

I am ready

All the hoopla on Crockpots yesterday  on my email.  I had one sitting on my pantry floor.   Hubby went to Becks Hybrids Field Dayswww.beckshybrids and this was a gift.   Beautiful new piece of equipment for my kitchen.   With emails giving us instance information  I went to ww  she has a link for anyone who has a crockpot recipe you can link up with her blog or if you need a recipe she has a cook book full from several different people.  I thought I would try one for my pork loin I picked up at Krogers this am.  It is cooking as we speak    There is a chocolate cake I am dying to try  I don't have enough ingredients here but I will go by the grocery sometime soon.


  1. Hi Ann!
    I hope your pork turned out great!
    you crock pot sure looks ready to go!

    Have a great weekend!