Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ann's Musings

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 I was cleaning out my garage and trying to organize my mess  I picked up gourds that I wasn't going to paint and drilled holes for the birds  Hung them there is about 10 new birdhouses.
This is a pile of last years gourds that I need to get cleaned

well used maybe one of the birds will recycle the insides

Here is my little friend not a good picture but this was Sunday  He should be on his way south I even put out more sugar water for the ones that come by on their way south  I saw a few today.    
Sorry I haven't posted more often for all the friends that are  reading  this but life happens.     My new dog is doing real well.  I forgot how big their feet can be on my back door.   I have the DogWatch guys coming on Monday and we are going to fix my underground fence  I afraid he will wander to far with no boundary lines.  Enjoy this weather  I can say we are getting a soft rain hope it continues through the night.
Take care

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