Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Tree

I guess I will start with the live Christmas present. Every year he lays and also put his toys under the tree. And if you put presents wrapped under the tree he will open them. He thinks they are his.

Most of my ornaments have a real meaning that builds over many years. This ornament was one of my MIL and I have several that mean a lot to see them hanging on the tree. I even have things my children made when they were in school back as far as 1972 a mitten my son made for me. Our tree is artificial but I sure would love to have the pine smell back in the house.
Since we live out with no close neighbors we don't have any window treatments except the bedrooms. I have purchased over the years stained glass windows and you will see one behind the tree that I had to have cut down. It came out of a church in Greencastle In. and the top half is in my Studio where I paint. They are so beautiful when the sun come in the window
I said enough for now need to go get supper on the table. Spent most of the day baking.

Just want to say congratulation to Leah over at for taking honors at the Farm Bureau this last weekend


  1. What a beautiful tree! I have to keep a squirt bottle handy for when our cat decides to try and eat our artificial tree. Trying to catch up from the weekend. May try to wrap some presents here in a bit!

  2. your tree looks great. I love it when theres a story behind an ornament, it makes decorating so much fun and brings back such great memories.

  3. Your tree is beautiful and so is the stained glass window!

  4. Hi Sweet Sister, very nice tree, love the live present under the tree, isn't she cute. I think we will get a real tree at Cheri's so we can smell the pine, I love that smell in the house. Love U