Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beautiful Day

I always enjoy the sunshine even if the temperature is freezing cold. Makes a person feel alive.
I don't know how they live in darkness like Alaska. Just glad I live in Indiana.
Need to get another cup of coffee get this day moving on. The shop will be open today and have called all the customers who need to pick up special orders and now I can paint or work on my gnomes from earlier post. Want to expand my collection of the little fellows.
A lot of things going on I am sure we are all covered up with more than we can get done.
Have a great day until tomorrow


  1. Dink a cup for me! I am trying to coax the girls into clothes so we can go shopping one last time. From the catterwhalling I hear going on upstairs, this should be an interesting trip. Start praying for them, I mean us, now! ;-) Joy to the World......