Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Candy just a start

This is where it started I was reading and she had a chef who was making English Toffee the title was Lia's Butter Toffee

I haven't made it with this recipe you add water and salt to the butter and sugar go to the and Check out this recipe really like the taste and it looks good also.
I make candy, cookies and a fruit baskets for some of our landlords. Just a nice way to say thank you for doing business with us.
This is where it is starting to turn golden
Letting it cool down before I put on the Choc and mints
You could use nuts.

Now it is ready for you to taste

I am also going to try and attend the Farm Bureau convention in Indy tomorrow I am hoping to see some of my blogging friends and enjoy seeing old friends.
Take care and stay warm


  1. that looks so delish! I've always been a little intimidated at making hard candy like that because it gets soo hot. but I know it taste so good so I should probably toughen up and try it sometime.

  2. Looks good!
    Love your new header - it looks really nice!