Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ann's Musings

It sure has been a wet day on the farm. Don't like mud but it is getting that way. Hope it freezes because snow is better than mud on the Cows. The temperature is going to drop so maybe that will happen.

Went with Jim to the Farm Bureau State Convention. We saw several people who you don't get to see all the time as they come from several counties. They had what I will call classes or mini sessions on a lot of different subjects I went to the class on Social Media. Meet my blogger friend Lana from When the class started the instructor introduced himself and low and behold he was the son of one of our Landlords. It was so nice to see him. He said the last time he saw me was when he would help put up hay and this young man is now 43 and the father of 2 children my how time flies. He is David Cain of
was an interesting session David I did enjoy you information.

Tomorrow I am going to get my tree trimmed for Christmas it is up with lights but no ornaments
Until tomorrow Stay warm


  1. Hi Annie, that candy looks good!!!!

  2. Ann! Enjoyed your are so down-to-earth and heart warming! I also wanted you to know that I am posting your suggestion for my Motivational Monday tomorrow.

    thanks for sharing

  3. Made it home and fetched the girls JUST IN TIME! It's nasty up here now! So good to see you, and thanks again for the candy!

  4. Jeannie I read your blog because it is different seem you can motivate people.

  5. Lana Nice to see you again I am glad you made it home.