Monday, May 2, 2016

Mothers Day

Pillow for her chair
 Mothers Day is this coming Sunday May 8th I know it comes every year but it just gets here faster now that I am older or maybe it is I am busier,  not sure which it is.    Just a few items for gift ideas.

Farm report:   All of this rain is not good, might have been welcome if it came in July and we were dry but we are still planting crops.  Too wet to do anything and the storms move things around so you have to clean up after it passes through.   Had another calf this morning she was waiting for the storm came.   I guess if we watched the barometric pressure we could learn something about when the  cows will calf.
Hoping for dry weather to finish planting and then to mowing hay this rain has it growing faster than normal.
Take care, until next time

Great for storage

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