Thursday, May 28, 2015

US 40 Sale

 Yes this is the weekend of the great US 40 sale the longest sales in miles that is  I started at Plainfield and went west.  This fellow I ran into walking his goat down 40  and since I was curious about why  I had to stop and talk to him.  Thought it would make a good story  He has been on the road since May 2 2012 and his destination is New York City  He has a story if you go to Website you can find out a lot more . 
We got all our crops in but need rain to activate the chemicals to keep the weeds down.  I have read that  north and south was too wet to plant we have been dry for a while.  Praying for RAIN
All is well keeping busy.   Next we will be cutting hay  nothing smells better than new mowed hay.  One of the reason I love to farm.
Take care be good to each other.
This photo I took today on US 40 feeding the goat a cupcake

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