Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Migration has started

 I cannot believe all the birds that are on the grain bins and guide wires.  I would hate to have to climb up there today. 
Not sure where this Heron came from but found her in the pasture just walking around  as I moved closer she flew toward the tree line haven't seen her since.
I  am glad to have my life back to normal the fair is always exciting and new things happening but as they say No place like Home.   We could use some rain to help the soybeans fill,  the ground is very dry.  Going to mow this evening the grass is still growing. 
Hope your life is moving in the right direction.   Take care and we will talk again soon
If you have a way  of getting rid of this mess  please let me know Guns are not allowed

These are some of my Beefheart tomatoes raised and sold by Cox's Plant farm.  They really are heart shaped and have very few seeds

I am another beautiful sunflower

Of all the sunflowers this fellow is standing out in his field.  Don't think the flower will get much larger The building you see in the background is the old summer kitchen which is attached to the main house we  couldn't bear to tear it off so when we bricked the house it got a face lift also.  Part of it still has a dirt floor.

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