Thursday, August 29, 2013

Butterflies are Free

This little fellow was in my Kitchen window just had to take his picture sorry about the screen
Yes Butterflies are free,  free to fly as far as they can, high and low.  The other day I took these pictures and then went and looked  up butterfly information.    How the male and female are different just the way birds in color and size but when I came to the Swallowtail and found that there 4 different colors of females I was got  but I guess that is life full of  surprises.   I had an invitation from Birds and Bloom Mag. to review   Well I have some of their magazines and if they would like to send me one I would be happy to take it  I paint several birds during the years time.  Nice magazine with lots of great pictures for the artist in me.    
Today I have been trying to get some Halloween painted as we have a show on Sept 7 at Camby Indiana at the Woolkeepers Hook-in (we are a group of rug hookers)  It is on Camby Rd  at the Baptist Church Camp. 
We did get .10 of rain last night not much but better than none.  Hope for cooler weather and for  you to have a safe Labor Day.

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