Friday, May 6, 2011

Meeting someone from home

I don't  have any pictures but I have a good story to tell.   Everyone likes a good story. Today I was in the Morgan county fair office  and I found out that one of our recent fair Queens has married a Farmer.  I need to find out the whole story of how she ended up in South Dakota  married to a farmer.  I have emailed  her and I am adding her to my blog so you may visit with her.  She is looking for some  sandwiches that can go to the field that they can eat while working..  Morgan"s blog is

I know it has been a week since I blogged but with all that is going on I am just covered up.
I will try and do better  I have a IPhone so maybe I can take more pictures  no excuse about the camera
being at home.
Take care hoping we all get to the field in a day or two


  1. I would love to add to my ideas for field lunches too! We do hamburgers, ham sandwiches, the wrap, and today was brauts.

  2. Hey Ann! I am your long lost fair queen from Morgan County! Not a part of Moody County South Dakota! Thanks for doing a post on me! It was so sweet of you. I actually did a post a few weeks ago on how 4-H impacted me so much when I was younger, you and Jim might find it a good read! I look forward to reading more on your blog!

    Lana- I am all about swapping ideas with you! We have been in the field every day this week, so I have had to come up with 12 different sandwich ideas by the time tomorrow is done! I did a yummy peppered bacon and chicken sandwich, french dip (without the dipping sauce, but the beef had lots of sauce), pulled pork, mini pizzas, steak sandwich. ANY ideas you have would be GREAT!

  3. Morgan
    How about a breaded pork tenderloin and I will cut up round steak and treat like aTenderlion. Since it isn't as tender you might put it in the oven for 45 minutes on low. I am sure I will come up with others. Good to hear from you

  4. I love reading this post...and how we all connect. My mom has been doing bag lunches for the field and I don't know anyone who is more creative with them. I am a new follower and love these comments.