Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love to bake

Long title for a cake but Nancy at  wifeofadairyman.blogspot.com  had this cake on her blog Sat night if you want the recipe you will have to visit Nancy's blog  She was camping in a RV in someones drive and wasn't able to bake this cake.  I needed a cake for a meeting so I baked it for her.  I also wanted to hook-up with  Liz and Amy at 2maidsabaking.blogspot.com
By the way the cake was a hit everyone enjoyed it
We did start planting yesterday and hope we can keep the planter rolling. We are so far behind.  Today is also Property Tax Day  
I am off to buy some small  gourds from a couple of retired farmers in Clay city area.  Winters in Florida summers in Indiana  Don't envy them I like Indiana and the change of seasons  don't even mind the winters but I don't have to drive to work everyday like a lot of you gals.

While I am think about food the sdfarmwife.blogspot.com Morgan is her name, is looking for ideas for sandwiches for the family members she feeds on her shift to feed the workers. Please check her out  if you can't get her email me and I will try something else.
Have a great day and hope for Sunshine.


  1. Such a pretty cake!! Looks like it tasted great too!! Yes, bring on the sunshine!! Thanks for linking it to 2 Maids a Baking!!

  2. This looks delish! I could eat a slice right now. on another subject, my grandfather game me a birdhouse gourd, and I decided to paint it before hanging it up to be a birdhouse. So is there something I should spray over the ground after I'm done painting it? And kind of vaneer or something to make it last longer??

  3. I have got to stop reading these blogs at night! I think I am gaining weight just by reading about such wonderful desserts! Looks sooo good! Keep that planter moving!