Friday, July 4, 2014

Wheat Harvest to everything there is a season

 Wheat harvest in full swing we mainly raise wheat for the straw but it is another cash crop. Then we either double crop soybeans, or this year one of the fields will be planted in hay come fall. 

 With a wheat crop comes the straw and what better weather then what we are experience right now, but I have seen years that  you could cook an egg on the hood of the truck pulling the trailer.  We had some great help last night hope they will hang out for a couple of days. 
This straw will be used for bedding in our barns.  We have a small feed lot for our own calves and they need a dry place to lay in rainy seasons or snow in the winter.  The straw is unloaded into the barns for later use

While we were loading the trailers my grandson mentioned that with all the moderization in farming this is still the way used unless you want to use a pitch fork and a wagon
Thank God for all the weather either good or bad the rain has been plentiful so far this year and I acknowledge those who have had some wind damage maybe you will still have a crop to sell.
We are celebrating the 4th of July with family gatherings either work or play, time spent together.
Take care and be nice to each other

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