Sunday, June 8, 2014

Time to Garden

This was our first week as owners of Berries and Ivy County Store we have a face book page stop by and like our page and say HI our Open house is June 28 thru July 5 closed July 4                             Farm report:    Got a lots of hay up over the last couple of weeks.  Still having a few calves.    Corn is looking good the cold weather sort of cause some yellowing but it is off and running.  I thought the wheat look like it was trying to turn  but it is getting close to the 4th time to combine wheat and bale straw.  Beautiful weather we are having  enjoy it the next few days.   Take care and stay safe


I replanted the spots that didn't come up  We had a hard rain after I planted these

I have eyed these 2 tubs thought about taking them to the store but I would had to get the guys to move them.     So I told them to move them to my garden  and put some dirt in so I can plant my potatoes. And of course they laughed at me.  One red and one white potatoes  there is a drain hole at one end

Milk weed for the Monarchs

Sorry to say but the Mother bird never show up these are probably a month old

Sweet potatoes long time since I grew  them my MIL always planted sweet potatoes

Something has attacked this tomato plant  didn't see any worms Wondering can they be slugs???

Always have to grow sunflowers

Old cook stove for sale

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