Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cardinal and one Red Tulip

 This cardinal came to visit at my kitchen window on a sunny afternoon and I had to take his picture,    he is beautiful.  The bad news is I found one in the snow dead and a week before that I found 4 small birds dead at another feeding area  not sure why they died.  I have 3 areas where I feed the birds to cut down on the fighting. 

This was my birthday present from last year.  My daughter gave me a pot of tulips they were so pretty and smelled good.  After they died back I took them out of the pot and hung they in the basement to dry. 
Then in November  I repotted them and placed them in the refrigerator to chill for 6 weeks.  After that  brought them out to warm up and this one is the first of 4 that  will bloom.
Farm report:  we have 2 calves in the barn borne to heifers,  for those who don't know a heifer is a termed used to describe a female cow  who has not had a calf before.  I sure am hoping for no more sub zero  temperatures.   The sunshine is great if we could have some everyday it would be wonderful.  
  Take care, until we meet again be careful and be kind to each other.


  1. LOVE the's been a while since I've seen anything outside the white spectrum!

    1. Thanks for the visit I know what you mean about white stuff