Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas tree

Fern's ornament may their spirit join us for Christmas
 I always hate to see the Christmas tree go back into storage.  These are just a few ornaments that I enjoy bringing out every year such memories. I like the way the tree lights the house.   Hope you enjoy some of my ornaments that money can't buy
The Fair and Festival Convention is coming up this weekend get to see folks only a couple of times a year.
I haven't seen that snow they are calling for but I kind of wish it was March we would be on our way to spring.  Flowering bulbs would be breaking through the ground. 
Farm report  Folks are still going through the fence.  The guys have started cleaning out the barns,  When you have animals they make fertilizer that is good for the soil.  The calves get excited when you put down new straw.
Take care and be kind to each other
Fern's ornament

Poor Jack's amusements have given blown glass ornaments for years to the fairs they play best ornaments

This is from 1975 Mike's handy work Always keep your children's  projects make great ornaments

The colored yarns are from a project  Debbie did at Bradford Woods in the 3rd grade.   The mitten is dated 1972

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