Thursday, February 28, 2013

Visiting Neighbors

 Today I stopped by a neighbors house we farm their ground and I saw this collection of Hurricane lamps and did she have  a lot of them.  I also found out she repairs old ones that  were used years ago.  So if you are wonder where you can   get those lights rewired she your gal.  Lorinda Poole you can reach her at 765 342 4964  So spread her name and number around so she will have some work.  I know it is hard to find someone to rewire an old chandelier.    You can find them in the antique stores but I would be afraid it might cause a fire
I have one in my house that I had rewired by some folks in W. Lafayette wish I had known she could of fixed mine.  But I have another one I bought recently and will find a place for it after Lorinda rewires it.

Getting back to the barn report  we have 5 new calves today  and I think there was probably 5 already on the ground  cute little guys  I will get some picture for you all to enjoy. 
Take care and I hope the sun comes back for a visit real soon. 

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