Monday, June 4, 2012

Baby Animals

 This week sure did fly by.  I am still trapping caught 2 more the one above was very small maybe I would guess a baby.  When I let him out  he turned around hissed and chased me back to the truck.  My son said he wanted to go back home with me.  Good Chance!!  Below on Saturday while moving cattle to another pasture and cutting some hemlock plants so the cows don't eat them and found this little baby maybe a  few days old. 
 Went to Paragon to pick up Pizza the other night and when I was almost to my driveway I could see ahead 4 little black behinds strutin' up the road.   Made a call home to the guys to come get them back in the fence  I was blocking the way so they couldn't go toward the highway.   All this new fence and they get out.  The county replaced a bridge last year and put in a sewer tile that a  grownup could walk through that is how they walked out.
Well been getting a shower now and then but not much.    Hope it willl add up over the week
Stay safe until we talk again.


  1. We are neighbors! sort of.... West Central Ohio. Like your post.... I am a new blogger, farm wife of 41 years...

  2. Ruth thanks for the visit I will follow you in return Keep posting. Blog about what you do