Monday, April 11, 2016

Flowering Crabapple

 These 2 woodpeckers stayed on opposite side of the tree from 15 minutes I wasn't sure if they were asleep or just playing cat and mouse.  I believe this is a Red-bellied Woodpecker. This was in the rain today it doesn't stop birds from feeding they will continue even in some of the winds we have had.

This crab apple tree is an ornamental and with the weather we have had I am surprised it is blooming.  One of the prettiest trees in our yard my men folk want to cut it down because it is too close to the house.. 

Farm report:  Got to apply Anhydrous on Sunday and then the rain came and it has rained all night the rain cage  reports 1.40 since midnight.  It rained from 6 pm until 12 but I don't have that figure   The yard, streams and the  White river is showing higher than normal water. 
Surprise another set of twins.
Take care and stay on high ground water is coming up. 

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