Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Moving Slow

I have been off line since last Wed. with only an I-pad and didn't realized how much I missed my computer to be able to print or save, put pictures up Just plain missed it.  I have some pictures of why I will show in a day or two. I also have some pictures of the bldg I purchased in Martinsville, In.  on the west side of the square.  This bldg is part of the Rediscover Martinsville facade program and they will start tearing up the bldg to eventually make it look beautiful  Our windows are very large plate glass and we will have 5 windows  I will see if I can down load a drawing from the construction plan.
This is another beautiful day  we are going to go back to planting corn.   We finished up with the anhydrous  the guys use N-serve  and there clothes stink when they come home it would open your sinus.   All part of being a farm wife wouldn't trade it for any other life style.  Take care and be kind to each other quote from my Mom.     Happy Mothers  to all Moms             

 I am surprised I have 2 females thought I would have a male first.   Am I wrong in my thinking?  Just glad they are here such fun to watch as they fly by my head


  1. Lana
    You and your parents are lucky I have posted some of them and people long for those birds to come to their feeders They seem to go certain places and they will fly on to their summer home. They are just passing through which we had them all year.
    Have fun

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